Bow Ties


Justin M. Crozier Nov. 9, 2017

Greetings to you, the internet!

I wanted to write a brief little post about my wearing of a bow tie.  If you have seen my logo, pictures of me, my videos, or met me then you probably know that I wear bow ties exclusively.

You might be wondering “Justin, why are you always wearing bow ties?  Aren’t bow ties a little silly, and shouldn’t they be only worn in fun times and not Court?”  Good questions. 

Well, I think bow ties are a little fun, and I deal with a lot of serious issues every day.  On a normal day I am dealing with people on some of their worst days.  That is my every day.  I see you when you have been stressed out, when you have been hurt by someone else, when you have been accused of something heinous, or in other circumstances that leave you in fear for what the future is going to hold.

I decided that I will put on a positive face and an easy-going attitude when I’m helping people in their difficult times.  I want people to know this is not as bad as it might seem.  I want to tell my clients that I am going to take care of things, I’ve dealt with this before, I wear a bow tie.  I’m a fancy dude and I will make sure you get the best result for your circumstances.

Personally, I’ve always liked dressing nicely.  I like to have a decent pair of shoes, to wear a nice jacket, have a nicely tied tie and to make sure that I’m representing my clients well.  But, I have not always been a bow tie guy.  In fact, I used to only wear standard ties and I had no idea how to tie one of these things.  The Army doesn’t teach you how to wear a bow tie, it isn’t considered a standard piece of the uniform.

So, the first time I wore a bow tie was after I was out of the military.  I had to wear a bow tie for a friend’s wedding and I refused to wear a clip-on tie.  I know, that is probably pretentious of me, but it’s how I feel.  To be honest, writing a blog about the fact that I WEAR bow ties is a little pretentious, but I’m okay with that.  Maybe I’ll write a whiskey blog too, so you can hear my pretentious thoughts on that as well.  Regardless, I started wearing bow ties regularly after that.  I took the time to learn the technique for bow tie wearing and decided to stick with it.

I think the big bow tie move was around the time that I met my wife.  I was in law school, it was my second year.  We met online and one of the only things she found interesting about me was the fact that I was wearing a bow tie.  We went on a few dates, I kept wearing bow ties.  She seemed to keep liking me.

When it became time to start the business she and I were discussing what to put on the logo, and she said “bow ties.”  I was a little worried at first, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it.  Rachel (my wife and the other half of Crozier Law, LLC) designed the logo and helped me craft the website as well.  We put the business cards together and I started off.

As time has gone by, I’ve really been glad this was the way we went.  Sometimes I have to meet clients outside of the office or meet for the first time in Court.  When I tell them “I’ll be the guy in a bow tie,” it makes it easy for them to find me, because there aren’t many other attorneys who wear them.

I get questions about the bow tie from time to time.  I get questions about whether I tie them myself, if I always wear them, or if it’s even appropriate (one lawyer told me not to wear them in Court).  Mostly it’s good.  And most of the time people tell me they like it.  Hopefully you do too.

I wasn’t really intending on making a big deal out of it, but I get enough questions that I thought it was worth it to make a little post about it.

Thanks for reading, this was a little more boring than most of my posts… or maybe less boring, I can’t even tell anymore.

Good luck out there.