Why I Practice Father's Rights

Discussing my experiences and why I have decided to practice Father's Rights Family Law in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Effect of Guns on Drug Charges

How having a gun can change the way your drug charges are dealt with, and can add new and much worse charges to the crime in Kansas City, Missouri.

Pimpin Aint Easy

What you can expect from prostitution and solicitation charges in Kansas City, Missouri

Can I Expunge my DWI in Kansas City, Missouri

Discussing Expungement in general and what you need to do to expunge your DWI in Missouri.

Traffic Tickets and Municipal Court in Kansas City, Missouri

How to handle traffic tickets and municipal court in general, why you need an attorney, and what you can expect to have happen.

Drug Court in Kansas City, Missouri

Discussing Drug Court, and giving an example of how one of my clients benefitted from it.

Levels of Criminal Charges in Missouri

What the different levels of charges mean for the charges you get in the State of Missouri.  Also, you meet my puppy Alice.

Guns, Drugs, Drinking, Prostitutes

Guns, Drugs, Drinking, and Prostitutes, you know the crimes people commit for fun.


Probation and Sentencing

Talking about probation. What it is, how it works, and if you can get it. A little aside about Sentencing too.



How to Talk to Cops

How to talk to the Cops. Really how not to talk to the Cops. But, I talk about some other stuff too. Like, when do you have to provide ID?

Drug Possession in Missouri

A brief discussion of the different types of possession charges that can be charged in Missouri.  From City, to State, to Federal cases.