Drug Possession

Unfortunately, Missouri's drug laws are extremely strict and this means that a conviction of any kind of drug possession charge can follow you for years to come. Many individuals who have been accused of their first drug possession crime are overwhelmed and confused by the fact that such strict penalties can be enforced immediately.

Possession is a Serious Matter

Drug possession is a serious matter and one that requires insight from a knowledgeable Missouri drug possession lawyer. There is too much on the line for your future to leave this up to chance, so you need to speak to an attorney you can trust. Selecting a lawyer who cares about your rights and future is essential so that you know what to expect as your case unfolds. A drug possession charge can continue to follow you for years to come, so you need to act quickly to get help from an experienced attorney.

What to Expect if You’re Charged

If you are caught with drugs in your car or on your person, you could be facing significant penalties. Although many other states have quantity requirements and relatively soft penalties for a first time offender, Missouri handles things in their own unique way. One such example involves cocaine possession. There is no minimum amount required in order for you to be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under the law.

Even a minuscule amount could lead to jail time. Elsewhere, simple possession might be classified as a misdemeanor but in Missouri this is categorized as a class C felony, meaning that a convicted offender could be looking at a minimum of 1 year in jail and up to 7 years in jail. 

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A Lawyer Helps to Protect Your Rights

With such heavy potential consequences on the line, it is essential to communicate with a Missouri drug possession attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged. Your attorney can explore all possible avenues for resolution including your going through a drug treatment program in lieu of jail time or other negative consequences.

Consequences for Drug Possession Convictions

Every drug possession conviction in the state of Missouri comes with a minimum amount of jail time. This is why it is essential to work with an experienced Missouri drug possession attorney who will work hard to get your charges reduced or eliminated entirely. With the minimum amount of years in jail required for certain drug possession crimes in Missouri, individuals that are caught with drugs could end up spending as much time in jail as someone who is committed and been convicted of a violent crime.

If you have already been charged with possession in Missouri, you may be facing more severe consequences if convicted for a second or subsequent time. Individuals who have been convicted twice of drug possession or sales in Missouri can even be charged with a class A felony and spend significantly more time in jail. 

Drug possession Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

With a lifetime of freedom on the line, it is necessary to work with a Missouri drug possession attorney who understands these laws and how to best protect you through the court system. There are many potential avenues for defending your rights but you should never leave your case up to chance. Schedule a consultation with Justin today to discuss your rights and what your next steps should be.