Mr. Crozier has helped me correct two speeding tickets. In both cases he was prompt to respond, and readily answered all of my questions, and is very easy to talk to. The tickets were quickly resolved, with no issues. I would definitely use his services again.


Fast and Efficient

I had gotten a speeding ticket in KC and thought I had court on a different date. A friend stated that they knew someone who could help and gave me his number. I "Texted" the number and he asked for a picture of the ticket. I sent the picture and within 2 days, everything was fixed and I owe KC very little for the offense.

The average speeding ticket is over $140. 

Lawyer fees at minimum are no less than $250.

I have not met with the counselor face to face and this is what he did for me.

He got my "Failure to Appear" warrant lifted. He got my ticket amended to a "Defective Equipment" citation. This equals no point on my driver's license and no insurance increase. He has saved me over $2500 within this time with a text.

Definitely a person to consider consulting with for anyone looking for help.


Reasonable and Professional

Had an issue where a step ladder allegedly fell off one of our company work trucks and damaged a vehicle following behind. After talking with our employees all ladders were accounted for so we suspected it was a shakedown. It has happened before.

Mr. Crozier was contacted. He called the people, who hadn't bothered to hire a lawyer yet. They had a busted up car but no evidence other than their word. To make a long story short - the whole thing blew over.

I'm very thankful for Mr. Crozier's help and look forward to working with him in the future.


Justin is great at his job. He knows what he's doing and gets great results!


Great attorney to have a consultation with. He was extremely helpful with more than just one problem. Highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs an attorney who really cares about you!!!


I was extremely happy with his services on my traffic tickets in Blue Springs. He did a great job, and didn't charge me an arm and a leg, he also was very understanding and communicated well with me. If you need a good attorney at the last minute this guy can help you. Thanks for all your hard work Justin Crozier.


Best Attorney I've Ever Had!

He made sure I understood what was going on at all times and kept in contact. He did exactly what I asked and kept me from any jail time. I'd highly recommend him.