Domestic Violence

It can be unnerving and extremely emotional to have a loved one accuse you of domestic violence against him or her. In the event that you have already been accused, you need to consult with a Missouri domestic violence attorney as soon as possible. This may be the only way to protect your rights going forward. Never underestimate the potential impact that a domestic violence charge can have on your future.

Knowing who to turn to during this challenging time is vital. Even the implication of domestic violence can harm your reputation and future, so you need to take these charges seriously and get an experienced attorney’s help. 

Domestic Assault in the First Degree Charges

If you have attempted to kill or knowingly cause attempts to seriously injure a household member or a family member or other adult who has been in a social relationship of an intimate or romantic actor, you could be facing domestic assault in the first degree charges as outlined under Missouri statutes 455.010. 

This is categorized as a Class B felony unless in the course of this action, the perpetrator inflicts severe physical injury on the victim or has previously been found guilty or pleaded guilty to committing this crime, in which case this would be charged as a Class A felony.

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Domestic Assault in the Second Degree

An individual who commits domestic violence against a household member, adult whom he or she has been in a continuing social relationship with, or a family member, may be charged with domestic assault in the second degree if he or she: 

  • Knowingly causes or attempts to cause physical injury for the victim by any means including use of a deadly weapon, strangulation or choking.
  • Recklessly causes severe physical injury for the victim.
  • Recklessly causes physical injury for the victim by means of any deadly weapon. This is a Class C felony.

Domestic Assault in the Third Degree

An individual who has been charged with domestic assault in the third degree may be facing Class D felony charges for a third or any subsequent commission of the crime of domestic assault if he or she: 

  • Attempts to or causes reckless physical injury to the victim.
  • Uses a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument to injure the victim.
  • Purposely places the victim in apprehension of any immediate physical injury.
  • Recklessly engages in any conduct which could create a grave risk of physical injury or death to the victim.
  • Causes physical contact with the victim knowing that the other person will feel this contact as offensive.
  • Causes the isolation or attempts to cause isolation of the victim by substantially restricting or unreasonably limiting access to telecommunication devices or transportation.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Kansas City, MO

Missouri police officers have a great deal of discretion when called out to a domestic violence situation. This is why it is important to remain calm at the scene. Consulting with a knowledgeable Missouri domestic violence attorney is essential because you could be facing harm to your reputation as well as criminal consequences if you are convicted of domestic violence. Schedule a consultation with me today and I'll help you understand what your options will be.