Collaborative Divorce Lawyer, Kansas City

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

A Collaborative Divorce is when both parties want to work together to resolve their legal issues, rather than having  a Judge decide.  Generally, collaborative cases take less time, cost less money, and have better long term results than a contested case.  This is ideal for people who can communicate with each other relatively well and have similar styles of parenting.

Many people are looking for an attorney to simple help them work out the details of a divorce, or a separation, so that they can simply move on with their lives.

For these individuals, having an attorney who specializes in collaborative divorce is critical.

I work to try and minimize the arguing, reduce the tension, and try to keep both the costs and the difficulty to a minimum.   I draw on my experiences with counseling, therapy, and mediation to help my guide my client's towards a positive long-term result.

While not every case can be resolved collaboratively, we work very hard to make it a goal for our clients - if that is there desire.

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