Suspended License

It is very easy to get caught in a difficult legal trap when your license has been suspended.

You have a fine that you need to pay off, you have to get to work to be able to afford to pay it off, and if you drive to work to make the money and get caught, then you end up in a worse position afterwards than you were in before.

Driving Without a License

In Missouri driving with a suspended license is a Class D misdemeanor if it is the first time that you have been caught.  A Class D misdemeanor means that the Court can choose to place you in prison for less than 15 days, the Court could also choose to fine you as well.  If it is the second time, or the third time, then they can prosecute that as a Class A misdemeanor.  A Class A misdemeanor means the Court can put you in jail for up to ONE YEAR.  This can become a very serious problem very quickly.

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Thrid Time Offense

After the third time, the court treats it as a Class E Felony.  And a felony on your record can have huge consequences for your life.  Losing the right to vote, losing the right to own a gun, potentially not being able to choose who you want to spend time with as well.

Make sure that you select a dedicated, hard-working, and ethical attorney like Justin M. Crozier. I can work with the prosecutor to ensure that they had good reason to make the stop that they made. That they didn't violate your rights, and that you are treated fairly.

Getting you your license back, getting you back on track in life, and making sure that the fines don't continue to pile up and get you caught in a legal trap are my top priorities.  There are a number of steps I will take to help get you the result you deserve.  

Don't take a chance out there on your own, get the assistance you need hire a competent and hard-working attorney to represent you.

Suspended License Attorney in Kansas City, MO

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